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Ananda Dharma, Inc
PO Box 2862
Santa Rosa, CA 95405


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Ananda Dharma, Inc.
PO Box 2862,
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Ananda Dharma, Inc.
Ananda Deviika’ Ma’ Devii, Yogaa’charya’
PO Box 2862
Santa Rosa, Ca. 95404

Dear beloved friends,

With hearts full of gratitude, I write these words to you today, 

To share my vision and ask for your support along the way, 

The non-profit organization, born from a sacred call, changed its name from Ananda Wellness Institute of Yogic Wisdom and Ayurveda to Ananda Dharma, to reflect Baba’s inspiring teachings.

Ananda Dharma Is dedicated to spreading love, peace, and light to all.

We, including you, strive to create a world where harmony reigns,  Where people of all faiths and backgrounds are one and the same, Where compassion and kindness guide every action we take, And the spirit of oneness fills every breath we make.

This mission is not an easy one, but I am determined to strive with all of you on my side, For I know that together, we can keep the flame of hope alive, With your generous contributions, I can continue to spread the light, And create a better world, shining ever so bright.

In a world where darkness sometimes seems to prevail, We need the light of the spirit, to guide us and never fail, We need the wisdom of the sages, to help us find our way, And the courage of the warriors, to face the challenges of each day.

So, I invite you to join me in this sacred quest, To help me build a world where peace and love are truly manifest, Together, we can make a difference, we can help this world heal, And usher in an age of light, where all wounds will be healed.

Thank you for your time, your attention, and your care, May the spirit guide you, and always be with you there, May you find joy and fulfillment, in giving to this cause, And know that your contribution, makes a world of difference, without pause.

It is not time to rest, but usher into a New Enlightening Age.

With love and gratitude,
Your Loving Friend,
Ananda Deviika’ Ma’ Devii Yoga’a’charya