When looking to further my yoga studies I was so blessed to have discovered Ananda Seva Mission's 500-Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training program. It was exactly what I needed to help me integrate my backgrounds in Clinical Social Work and Yoga Teaching. Since graduating, I have developed various workshops, including a Grief Workshop that utilizes the healing tools of yoga, and started seeing clients that use both talk therapy and yoga practices to cope with various life stressors. I feel so much more confident in my private practice because the training at Ananda Seva Mission really prepared me. I benefited greatly from living at the Mission while studying and my personal yoga practice has deepened as well. I highly recommend this training program especially for mental health professionals that want to incorporate yoga as a healing modality.

Check out Ken's website at?www.kenbreniman.com.

Ken Breniman, LCSW,
Registered Yoga Therapist
from Oakland, CA


I am deeply grateful for my training that allows me to be RYT500 and enables me to move forward in a deeper way on my Yoga path with excellent tools like IREST. My understanding of Personalities and treating the whole person is heightened from the Ayurvedic understanding I gained at Ananda Seva. I was and am grateful to both Maetreyi Ma and Deviika Ma for the way I have been valued and respected during the training...that was and is a great gift. I was treated not only as a student but as consciousness, true yogic treatment. I thank them with all my heart.
Just like I have been able to promote Wholistic Care with past trainings, my hope is promoting Yoga Therapy care with this new training.

Kalpana Reddy,
Registered Yoga Therapist,
Founder: Wholistic Care
at Alice Hyde Medical Center?
from New York, NY


My time spent in the Ananda Seva Mission Yoga Therapy has been a wonderfully transformative experience. The presenters were all top notch experts in their respective fields of yoga specialization, and I know I will spend many years digesting, internalizing, and integrating what I have been taught.
The small size of the group lent itself to a deepening of interpersonal connection that I have never before experienced in an ashram-environment. This allowed for an openness and a free flow of exchange of ideas that really helped me with processing the information.
I would highly recommend the Ananda Seva Mission Yoga Therapy Program to any yoga therapist or teacher looking to expand their practice in a new direction.

Jayan (Josh) Schumer,?
Co-Director: Jayadeva Yoga Schools
from Amherst, MA


Wow! What a vast amount of knowledge and grace offered on this amazing yogic journey. I arrived here with no expectations but many hopes and was overwhelmed by each and every presenters way of teaching, experience in their specialties, and openness to serve to their students and clients/friends. The presenters abilities and willingness to pass on their intellectual, body changing, heartfelt, life opening techniques has given me the confidence to step out and share this yogic adventure/path with all who are open to it. My head, my body, my heart is full and ready to serve. I am planning/hoping to continue my leaning with more than half the amazing teachers here ( I came here hoping to leave with one teacher to follow). I would and will recommend to many.

Emily Galvin,
Yoga Instructor at Peacebank
from Redwood City, CA


Wow, what a journey! Such amazing teachers, the wisdom and strength of so many in their 50?s and 60?s helping us learn and grow. It?s so much information to take in, process, turn around and take into my personal life and my practice. My life is changing. I am changing. My clients are changing all of the better! Thanks to all at Ananda Seva for making this a great learning experience.

Marthe??K. Murphy,?
Yoga Teacher, RMT,
RYT 500 at?Body of Life?
from Edmonton, Canada


The quality of teachers was superb. I gained so much insight, from a variety of perspectives, and feel that I came out of this experience with so many valuable tools to help guide my clients through their path to healing.

Marta Curti,
Yoga Instructor and ?
Whitehawk Birdwatching Guide?
from Los Angeles, CA


Training leader Ananda Deva Ka Ma created a safe, loving container for our individual and group experiences. I was (and am) in awe of the unconditional love and giving. I particularly enjoyed the trainings by Shar Lee (structural yoga therapy) and Antonio Sausys (yoga for grief).

Joyce Dvoren, Yoga?
Teacher, Reiki and Oneness Blessing
from Santa Monica, CA


The yoga therapy program has given me the opportunity to deepen and explore many aspects of Yoga and develop an understanding toward its use as powerful and healing. This increases knowledge has helped me personally to manage my own disease and expand my yoga practice.
I particularly enjoyed our sessions with Richard Miller on Yoga Nidra and its application in dealing with PTSD and other conditions where people are suffering. It was truly inspired and moved by his experiences and ideas.

Ginger Krelle,
Yoga Instructor at Deep Dog Yoga?
from Yorba Linda, CA

Namaskar, the lesson recorded was great. I also prefer Ananda Wellness Yoga or Shakti Sahaj style asana more than any other. When done correctly, with the right intention effort and state of mind, it is transcendental and the benefits, immeasurable. Transitory benefits for me are increased frequency of mental alertness and mindfulness for 8 - 12 hrs. Deeper and more relaxed breathing post practice. Increased frequency of alpha waves post practice and over all excellent mood affect. A bliss and calmness that cannot be achieved otherwise. Sentience in general, however samskara and other external factors will tug on vrittis eventually. So consistent practice is of paramount importance. Along with sadhana, good habits of mind body and spirit, seva, etc.