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Meditation Teacher Training


What are Meditation Teachers?

Meditation teachers are spiritual teachers and guides. They are grounded in spiritual and social philosophy as given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti so that they can teach it to others. Yama and niyama and the 15 Shiilas guide their behavior, and they serve as a moral example for others. From this core they give initiation in meditation and work with initiates to assimilate spiritual practices and acquire discipline.

Meditation teachers are dynamic individuals that contribute to the upliftment of society and to building spiritual communities. Community-building activities that reinforce spiritual growth and social connectedness include local dharmacakras, retreats, and other community activities.

Most importantly, meditation teachers are compassionate. And they have developed the expertise to guide others on the path.

Meditation Teacher Training

Part 1 is an online course that introduces the philosophy of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. This consists of three parts: an introduction to spiritual philosophy, a review of the social philosophy, and a highly interactive program on ethics and morality. These will be taught and facilitated by senior acharyas whose grounding in the philosophy is among the best on the planet.

Part 2 is a 10-day intensive immersion where there will be talks on the philosophical underpinnings of the mission in an environment of ample kiirtan and sadhana. This will be the opportunity to move the intellectual understanding gained from the online courses into a deeper understanding and commitment that emanates from the soul.

Part 3 is a 4-day program in which each meditation teacher demonstrates their understanding of the philosophical base and receives instruction on initiation.

The Trainers


Ananda Deviika Ma Devii

Ananda Deviika’ Ma’ is a spiritual and healing mentor and coach for over three decades. Though her professional journey started in science and engineering, however, her studies in Quantum Theoretical Physics propelled her into the exploration of spirituality and alternative healing. She is a yogic monk, Sannyasinii (Swaminii) dedicated to her work bringing and assisting people on their spiritual journeys, living healthy and more fulfilling lives, being healthy and integrating them into a dynamic and balanced whole.

She is trained as an Acharya’, spiritual and meditation teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master, Tibetan Cranial practitioner and Matrix Energetics Healer. She has founded a non-profit organization Ananda Wellness Institute of Yogic Wisdom and Ayurveda (AWIYOWA), for bringing the ancient teachings of Yogic Wisdom and spirituality to the public. AWIYOWA is a member school of Yoga Alliance and IYAT (International Association of Yoga Therapists), and she is a professional member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medicine Association). She also operates her small wellness and healing business, Ananda Wellness working on people according to their needs.

Ananda Deviika’ Ma’ offers different services, training and products to address the needs of her clients and students and serve the planet as a whole.

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