Yoga Therapy

About Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is an emerging branch of complementary, integrative medicine which draws upon the ancient, holistic wisdom of Yoga to promote optimal health and well being.? Ananda Yoga Guru Kula is deeply committed to the therapeutic application of yogic practices to assist people in? creating and maintaining optimal health and aiding in the recovery and management of dis-ease. We are excited and proud to be a part of this emerging healthcare paradigm.


Our Training
Our?Yoga Therapy Training??combines comprehensive?curriculum?and leading experts in the field of Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, providing our students with a dynamic learning experience. ? We offer a strong emphasis in Ayurveda, the ancient science of life,? and spirituality throughout our Yoga Therapy trainings giving our students a deeper approach to healing and wellness.? It is our aim to offer trainings that will provide vital integration of body, mind and spirit to heal the whole person.

Our instructors?come from different backgrounds providing a rich depth and breadth of yogic and Ayurvedic? knowledge.? Learning diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for the treatment of a variety of common conditions,? our trainees gain the skills and knowledge to effectively work one-on-one with individuals, and to create specialized group yoga classes to serve specific populations (ie weight management, stress management, specific structural issues, ect).

This training is offered to yoga teachers as well as complementary and allopathic healthcare practitioners, enabling them to provide integrative approaches to their clients’ and patients’ health and wellness needs.

Ananda Yoga Guru Kula is a charter school of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and a registered school of Yoga Alliance (YA).

In following with the 2014 standards implemented by the IAYT,? Ananda ?Yoga Guru Kula intends to apply for an 800-hour accreditation in 2015.? The training will consist of four individual modules to be taken over a?minimum of 2 years:

Module 1:??
300-hour Core Yoga Therapy Training
This is the same highly regarded training we have been providing to our students for the last 10? years and is open??to? yoga teachers,? doctors,? nurses*,?massage therapists, MFTs*, Ayurvedic practitioners, reiki?practitioners, psychologists, and other healthcare and body work? practitioners, with a yogic background.

The 300-hr Core Yoga Therapy training is held in two 2-week intensives, including?home study?between? sessions.? Students will?gain a foundational education in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda providing them the skills and knowledge to? work one-on-one? with clients and patients with different health?and wellness issues, and?lead specialized group classes.? This module can be taken? as a stand- alone module?or can be combined with Module 2, 3 & 4 to qualify for an IAYT accredited 800-hour Yoga Therapy certification.

  • Yogic philosophy and psychology
  • Applied Ayurveda for the Yoga Therapist
  • Yogic Tools and the individualized prescription of asanas and yogic practices
  • Physiology of common disease conditions
  • Anatomy and Structural Yoga ? postural assessment, diagnosis and adjustment
  • Yoga Therapy for a variety of common conditions ? cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart disease and more
  • Yoga Therapy methods for managing and healing a variety of psychological conditions ? depression, anxiety, grief, Bi Polar disorder, spiritual emergence and more.
  • Yoga Nidra practices for PTSD, stress and and pain management
  • Vedic Prayers and other Mantras for healing
  • Meditation practices
Students who successfully complete the 300-hour Core Yoga Therapy Training will receive a 300-hour Yoga Therapy/Advanced Yoga? Teacher? certificate from Ananda Yoga Guru Kula.? Those with a Yoga Alliance (YA) registered 200-hour Yoga? Teacher certification can combine it with this ?300-hour certificate and apply to YA as a 500-hour Registered? Yoga Teacher (RYT).?? Those? wanting to continue their education and become an IAYT certified Yoga Therapist may continue on by taking modules 2, 3 & 4 (see below for more information on these modules).

Training Location
Our Yoga Therapy training is held in the beautiful Wine Country of Northern California.? We will be hosting our 2016 Core Yoga Therapy Training at the?Isis Oasis?in Geyserville, CA ?This spacious property offers a unique training space with a pool and hot tub s Module 2:?Internship
This is a distance learning module designed to be taken after Module 1 and either before or in conjunction with Modules 3 & 4.? The internship is designed? to guide and support our students through? their initial? one-on-one client assessments and treatment plans.? Each student will work one on one with an Intern Supervisor who will support the student in working with their first clients increasing the student’s? confidence, competency? and? proficiency as professional Yoga Therapists.

Modules 3 & 4:?
Advanced Yoga Therapy Training
Modules 3 & 4 are for those wishing to take their Yoga Therapy practice to a medically professional level? and receive an IAYT accredited 800-hour certification.? These modules will provide advanced and? specialized training and are designed for those? interested in working in medical settings and hospitals.? These modules are estimated to be?available early 2017.? Keep your eyes open for more info!

If you have a passion for health, healing and helping others this is an exciting time to get involved in the grass roots movement of integrating Yoga Therapy into the medical field.? Scientific research is proving over and over again the health benefits of the ancient practices of yoga and ayurveda. We, as Yoga Therapists and complementary medicine practitioners, have the opportunity to work hand in hand with doctors and other medical practitioners to help make a huge difference in the treatment and resolution of many disorders and diseases that our clients and patients suffer with.? Come join us!